SCL provides staging system known to be the most reliable, safest and up to date available. Staging is an effective way change an empty space into a polished show venue. SCL offers different staging configurations, sizes and heights to ensure that we will provide you with the proper stage for your event. Whether it’s just a small gathering or a large live concert, SCL can meet your needs. 


Mobile Stages

SCL offers mobile stages for outdoor events of all sizes. With numerous options, our production managers will guide you through the process of choosing the right size stage for your artists. At SCL safety is our #1 priority, we work with your team to set-up safety meeting, procedures, obtain permits and assist in inspections.  

A stage can be more then just a structure. Stage options are designed to be customized with branding for your event to create identity and showcase sponsorships. 

Staging systems

SCL offers complete staging solutions for events. Our experienced technicians ensure stages safe and up to all current regulations. SCL provided stages include stairs, guard rails, floor protective pads, skirting and all necessary components. Stages can be custom designed for your event, concert performances, award show, political event, fashion show and more.

Industry proven equipment allows for safe, quick, and clean looking staging. All of our matching Staging Dimensions decks are rated for indoor and outdoor use. Items like Wunderstructures allow us to quickly set-up large stages of any height with simplicity.

Crowd Control

SCL offers Stage Barriers & Barricade as a great choice for concerts, festivals and other events when looking to protect entertainers and establish a safe area for attendees and other event staff. Security and crowd management are priorities during any major event, concert or festival. We help event coordinators guide traffic, prevent congestion and assure safe access for attendees and guests. We offer barricade and stage barriers in order to safeguard customers and event personnel, SCL can supply crowd control products so as to maintain order and restrict access to areas and improve safety.

structures & rigging

  • Truss and Motors

Quality equipment provides safety for artists and audience alike. SCL has both the knowledge and equipment available to provide to make any performance possible. SCL offers an expansive inventory of truss, motors, rigging and more that make a show possible. 

  • Tower Systems

SCL offers line array towers and goal posts of various sizes for indoor and outdoor events. These structures can be used to fly audio systems, lighting and video walls for events. Goal posts can be used to fly banners and signage for branding, create entrance ways and more.