The SCL backline inventory is capable of supporting national, international and regional touring performers in arenas, performing arts venues and theaters. SCL provides top-quality equipment rentals and full backline services. To help simplify complex artist instrument needs, our technicians deliver, set up and strike all required equipment. All backline rental gear is regularly serviced by our in-house team and instruments are checked for serviceability before every backline rental to ensure they are in perfect condition before the event. From tour support, festival production support or just a one-off backline rental, SCL can help.



With touring schedules becoming more demanding and one off fly dates becoming more popular, artists can't always travel with their prized instruments.  SCL's collection of acoustic instruments, electric guitars and basses are maintained meticulously by musicians.  We wouldn't send out anything that we wouldn't play ourselves.  We only carry the best of the best to ensure happy musicians and great performances. 


Turn it up to 11 with our guitar and bass amplifiers from Marshall, Mesa, Fender & Ampeg. Our collection of amplifiers meets the needs of artists from large R&B groups to rockers and county bands.

Pianos & Keyboards

SCL maintains concert-ready rental pianos & keyboards for performance and promotional events including a wide range of exotic keyboards, vintage Hammond organs & digital pianos with custom shells.

Drums, Cymbals & Percussion  

Drum set, trap set or simply drums are the core of many modern styles of music.  We offer industry standard kits with various sized shells to meet the needs of any drummer playing any style of music.  Our percussion sets can be completely customized with xylophones, gongs, bells, rattles and more to meet the requests of the player.


More then just the "ones and twos".  Along with DJ mixers and turntables, we offer professional CD players, DJ Controllers and Digital DJ Systems.  Our gear meets touring riders with hardware from top brands Pioneer, Rane and Technics.  In addition to our DJ hardware we offer a broad range of accessories needed for a show, including MIDI controllers, effects, performance pads and laptop stands.