Sound and Sound Quality can have a huge impact on the success of an event. SCL started in the audio business and it has always been an area of expertise that we love to share with our clients. We provide the best sound technology available to insure your event sounds fantastic. SCL audio systems have been a critical component to concerts, corporate and political functions across the US.




Now more than ever, a properly set-up wireless system deployed by professionals has become critical to an artist, presenter or actor's success.  We stock industry standard Shure UHF-R wireless systems for pro level applications and unrivaled clarity. Additionally for budget conscious customers we offer Sennheiser G3 vocal and instrument wireless systems.


Artists needs to accurately hear themselves to be able to preform at the highest level. We have industry standard stage monitor wedges and in-ear monitors (IEM) to meet artist riders. 


We have an extensive inventory of digital mixing consoles. We stock the top consoles from manufacturers Avid, Midas, Digico, Yamaha and more to meet artists needs. Along with consoles we have digital and analog snakes of all sizes.



SCL is one of the largest provider of RCF loudspeakers in the Northeast. Our RCF loudspeakers offer the newest technology available in the live sound and touring market. SCL and RCF share a common philosophy, “provide excellent products, top-quality performance and responsive service for our customers”.


SCL is the largest provider of EAW loudspeakers in the Northeast and one of the largest providers of EAW in the US. Our expansive inventory of high quality loudspeakers allows us to provide scalable audio systems of any size. 

Along with RCF and EAW, we offer numerous other products from top manufacturers.